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ArcBlue supports clients to learn and up-skill as opposed to imposing training.  Such an approach requires individuals to take responsibility for their professional development within a framework of standards and support provided by their host organisation.  Our belief is that there are a number of essential elements that develop the learning organisation.



Negotiation can be both competitive and collaborative.  It is about obtaining value from a relationship and reducing the differences between two parties.  We realise the importance of developing soft skills and demonstrate how to use these to maximum advantage, personally and professionally, in what is a tough business world.  Our negotiation training aims to improve the skills sets, behaviour and psychology of individuals in order to underpin their business success.


Our online services offer access to our Procurement  Assessment (pQ), Negotiation Assessment (nQ) and

e-Learning platform.  These tools can be used as part of an individual's professional development; as a method of benchmarking your team; or as part of a wider organisational procurement capability assessment.



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