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Negotiation Assessment (nQ)

The Negotiation Competence Questionnaire (nQ) is a tool for assessing Negotiation knowledge of individuals and teams.

The nQ:

  • is a quick and cost effective way for measuring knowledge and comparing your organisation against others

  • enables investment to be focused towards business/personal development priorities

  • can be used to evaluate the impact of training interventions and as a core element of personal development planning

  • helps individuals to hone exisiting skills and identify new skills required to drive better deals

  • has straightforward login details and is easy to access on any device

The nQ comprises 72 multiple choice questions across 3 levels (Foundation to Advanced) in 8 competencies:

  • Persuasion and Influence

  • Structure and Process

  • Preparation and Planning

  • Management and Control

  • Tactics

  • Relationships and Style

  • Interpersonal Behaviours

  • Cultural Aspects

Individuals typically receive an individual report highlighting areas of strength and development needs together with a suggested development plan. The outputs of the assessment would create a footprint at the individual or region level.

A Group report is also available which shows the overall results of the group compared to the database of professionals across sectors and job levels who have undertaken the test. The output of the assessment would analyse the results of the Group highlighting strength and development areas against each of the 8 competencies.

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