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Procurement Assessment (pQ)

Do you want to improve the capability of your procurement team?

Only through an assessment of someone’s capability, will that person be able to benchmark their knowledge and skills, enabling them to have a platform from which to be able to develop to their full potential.

In 2004 we launched an on-line tool, the pQ, which aimed to assess knowledge levels amongst procurement professionals. The tool was designed to offer individuals and organisations a quick, cost effective and objective method of assessing skills, setting development priorities and measuring the impact of subsequent development interventions.

We have continuously revised and developed the on-line tool and assessment suite and over the years made some significant enhancements.


The online assessment has now been completed by over 25,000 procurement professionals from over 500 organisations across the globe and offers possibly the world’s most comprehensive view of knowledge and skill amongst procurement professionals.


Development Programs

The pQ report provides a roadmap for development following the 70:20:10 model of learning and includes commentary on team blend, team strengths and development areas.

Analysis and Benchmarking

Comprehensive reports for individuals and teams analysing performance against peers and global standards which are customisable and are used to highlight areas for development.

Track and Re-assess your progress

Using the pQ we can demonstrate success by

re-assessing the team after an initial period of development.

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