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At ArcBlue we believe that strategic procurement can change your business.

You can't build a high flying organisation without top-notch people.  You recruit those you think are suitable but as the economic environment changes, so your people need to change.  Do they still have they skill sets?

At ArcBlue we believe that individuals need to take responsibility for their personal development and their organisations need to deliver a structure and team environment in which such development can flourish.  ArcBlue has a variety of proven techniques and learning methods which suit individuals, business needs and organisational structure.

All our consultants are professional sellers or buyers, steeped in corporate experience – this ensures all delegates participate in real life negotiation situations. We believe no other team has as much experience in global multi-cultural commercial negotiations, having worked with blue chip companies, public sector organisations and high growth start ups and have assisted thousands of individuals to improve their personal effectiveness and performance.

Paul Steele
Group Chairman

Paul Steele was one of the founding members of ArcBlue's original parent company, PMMS Consulting Group in 1977.  He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply and is seen within the procurement world as the "mother of all purchasing consultants" to quote Supply Management magazine 18th March 1999.  He is the originator, along with other key colleagues, of some of the leading concepts and tools that are seen to be at the forefront of the procurement profession.

Over his 30 years of association with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Paul has sat on many professional boards and was a Chief Examiner for the Institute also running an outstanding series of conferences. 

He has regularly written articles for the profession and is co-author of four international best selling procurement and negotiation text books.  "It's a Deal" published by McGraw Hill in 1989 ; "Profitable Purchasing Strategies" published by McGraw Hill in 1996 and "Business Negotiation" published by Gower in 1998.  His latest book "It's an Even Better Deal" was published by McGraw Hill in 2009.

Above all, Paul is not a follower of business fashion or fad but promotes tested and sustainable approaches to the challenges that face procurement.  A high performing procurement function provides significant value added opportunity for businesses and enhancement of brand value propositions.

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