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Develop your Negotiation skills with us

We are passionate about negotiation and injecting energy and fresh-thinking into the process. We believe that negotiation is not always about winning; it is more about collaboration, obtaining the most value from a relationship and reducing the difference between the objectives of two parties.

Negotiation is a key competence and influencing, emotion and behaviour are vital components. It is a skill which can be learnt most effectively through experiential learning so as to embed the methodologies. There is no mystique to becoming a skilled negotiator! Like all skills, negotiating requires a foundation of knowledge and hard hours spent practising. Our aim is to improve the skill sets, behaviour and psychology of individuals in order to underpin their business success.

ArcBlue will support a client in whatever way they wish – by taking an active role in coaching the team to define and deliver a negotiation strategy, by participating in the build-up to negotiations, or by leading a negotiation on behalf of a client. We help our clients to secure consistently outstanding results, to gain maximum financial advantage and to cultivate excellent business relationships.

Negotiation Training

We can make sure that your people are developing to their full potential, by working with you to develop your people in a highly tailored personal approach to your people and company.

Negotiation Assessment (nQ)

The Negotiation Competence Questionnaire (nQ) is a tool for assessing Negotiation knowledge of individuals and teams


Negotiation Coaching

Sometimes you simply don't have the time, resource or necessary skill to conduct in-depth, high price ticket negotiations.  Our experienced specialists are here to help.

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