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Negotiation Training

ArcBlue recruit practitioners and functional experts then develop their skills to become 'tutors'. Many of our tutors undertake consulting assignments keeping their knowledge fresh whilst applying our toolkit to 'real life' situations.  


To aid concentration we believe in short 20-30 minute plenary sessions followed by practical case studies, scenarios, dilemmas, questionnaires and profiles throughout any ArcBlue training event.  We encourage tutor-delegate practice sessions to direct focus and accelerate the learning in development areas. 


These sessions are recorded and an ArcBlue lead tutor will provide feedback and coaching to each individual to improve Negotiation capability to each individual.  We also seek to employ a range of techniques to appeal to different learning styles and adopt a blended learning approach which includes online and face to face interaction.

ArcBlue vary the delivery approach to maintain interest and wide appeal with the use of flipcharts, group discussion, presentations, exercises and case studies. We aim to make our workshops fun as well as informative, we keep people active and engaged by the use of Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic methods.  


The experience of our tutors means they can draw upon real-life experience and ensure that participants can apply the tools very quickly. Our workshops are designed to be semi-structured in delivery and we seek to make learning entertaining as this helps with knowledge retention.

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