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Procurement Training

We can make sure that your people are developing to their full potential, by working with you to develop your people, in a highly tailored personal approach specific to your people and your company. We can do this as we are a market leader with over 40 years’ experience, in the provision of assessment products and services. This experience has been gained working with a wide range of clients across various business sectors.


ArcBlue provides over 150 different training courses across a wide variety of topics. Courses are highly customised to suit each client, with detailed programmes produced after an exploratory discussion with you and your business considering your businesses objectives, your businesses learning needs, your businesses organisational culture, and the work place environment.

We offer:

  • Credible competence models which are clearly differentiated at the higher levels of performance and customised to role

  • An assessment system which provides relevant and credible feedback to focus individuals on areas where they have most significant professional development need

  • A framework of development interventions using a mix of media and delivery solutions, which can be customised to group and individual needs whilst focused on the overall needs of the business

  • A benchmark which allows the organisation to seek comparison with best in class rather than just improvement to their base capability

  • A focus on practical application and operational performance rather than knowledge for its own sake

  • A clear benefits measurement process

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